Helping & Caring Elder & Disabled Person at comfortm of loved one

India become the world’s youngest country in 2020 as per the report “ world’s largest country by 2020. However, on the other side, 20 percent of the population become elder by 2050, according to the State of Elderly in India Report, 2014. As per the census 2011, India has 104 million elder people (60 Plus) i.e constitute 8.6% of the total population staying at home the second largest senior population in the world after China.

Caring Elder Person at home

Increasing the aging population comes with a host of caring challenges related to their elder health and well-being. Mostly young people migrate from their home towns to metro-city or out of India for a job, children’s education, or business, the most family structure is nuclear, and due to the family structure, elderly people have less family, emotional and physical support in case of a health emergency.

Besides the prohibition surrounding registering agency care for elder parents, logistical challenges in the metro city for a senior citizen to manage hospital appointments, visit on their own, and more burden on the public health system, you have some of the reasons the home health care services is a fast-growing sector as a convenient, reliable and less expensive option for senior care.

iHomCare, India’s fastest-growing home healthcare company, has a corporate office in Indore and was founded in 2012 to cater to the demographic. The company delivered an 80 percent client base of over 60 plus, allows the seniors to avail high-quality care and additional supporting services from the comfort of their loved ones, avoids hospital visit and protects them from other infections acquired by a hospital, and reduce traveling expenses and time, and cost related to health, while also being remotely monitored by their families.

Metropolitan and non-metropolitan cities are the home of the large elderly population whose families are out of India and want to hire professional home health care for aged parents.

Mr. Pingle (87 yrs ) is one of the senior citizen clients availing iHomCare’s services in Indore. “ Both my sons and daughter are in the USA he says. They were worried about us being alone, but at the time contacted iHomCare, and they feel much better. The caretaker from iHomCare is experienced and trained he takes medicine on time and maintains personal hygiene and as well as supports us mentally, we feel better and happy with them.


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