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What is Elder Care?

ElderCare, also referred to as senior care, geriatric care is a special care service designed to meet the varied needs and requirements of senior citizens. ElderCare is a vast field and includes varied services like assisted living, nursing care, adult dayCare, and home care. Although old age itself is no reason to consider Elder Care, it is the varied physical disabilities, mental disability, and diseases that lead a person to contemplate on availing elder care services. A large number of senior citizens still live with their family and their care is jointly undertaken by family members. However, in today’s situation there are cases when most family members work and are unable to give proper attention and care to their ailing seniors and as such seek reliable and efficient elder care services.

iHomCare™ brings to you a comprehensive healthcare solution for all aging needs. Our Home Care Services are specially crafted in catering to individual healthcare needs. With a dedicated Health Professional assigned, who ensures all your healthcare needs are taken care of, be rest assured. Through these services, we also assist you with care services such as Doctor Visits, Nurse, Trained Attendants, Physiotherapy, and Nutrition. You can also read “Eating a Healthy Diet & Boost Your Immunity”.

Why need Elderly Care?

Getting old could be a difficult experience when your health starts to deteriorate and you get increasingly dependent on others for your daily activities. It is at this time that the elderly require the most care and compassion. The importance of proper elderly care can never be overstated as they too deserve the dignity of life. Although modern constraints of life do not always allow people to take care of their elderly, however, they can always opt for appropriate elderly home health care services for the smooth functioning of their life.

When need Elder Care ?

ElderCare becomes necessary when old people start facing problems with daily life activities like physical movement, cooking, cleaning, bathing, taking medicines, etc, and there is no family member available to look over them. Varied diseases and physical & mental disabilities in old people also make ElderCare mandatory for them, so that they too can live independently and with dignity.

The type of geriatric care needed depends on the health condition of the old person and the severity of the problem and the type of care needed. Most people don’t require full-time nurses, caretakers, nurse assistants while there are a few who needed a 24/7 caregiver owing to the severity of their problem.

How to prepare for Elderly Care Service at home

Before you select any elderly home care services there are few things you need to keep in mind. For instance, the type of care needed, and the type of care available, the types of elderly health care services offered to provide overall care, and can the service be modified to suit one’s need.

After having selected appropriate geriatric care, there are a few things that you need to make prior preparation for effective and smooth elder care at home

  • Keep all the prescriptions and medications of the elderly handy as the caregiver would ask for it.
  • Note down a family member’s contact number in case of emergencies.
  • Prepare a list of activities or exercises to be performed by the elderly as prescribed by the doctor, so that the caregiver is aware of it and would help the elderly in doing so.
  • Note down the doctor’s name and contact numbers who have been overlooking the elderly healthcare services.
  • Inform the caregiver of any special needs or concerns that needs to be taken care of by the caregiver.

Caring for the elderly can be extremely challenging if the caregiver is not able to strike a chord with the elderly. However, our caregivers are compassionate people and know how to establish a bond to provide proper care. And as much as physical care is needed, all that the elderly longs for is someone to listen to them and communicate with them. Our caregivers are appropriately trained to give overall elder care at home that includes their physical and mental well being.




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