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Caregiver :- A health care professional which provide care to patient, elderly person or any person who required medical care at home. Eg:- Nurse, Nurse Assistant, Care Taker, Physiotherapist, Doctor, Personal Health Trainer, Yoga And Meditation Teacher, Dietitian…

iHomCare Caregiver Partner Category:-

Step 1 | Download App iHomCare

  • Sign in iHomCare App complete your profile, tap on Register for > Caregiver > select caregiver category from dropdown > also select sub category of caregiver from dropdown > fill up education qualification > fill up your registration no (if not available then fill up Aadhar no) > upload documents (photo id, address, educational proof) > select city from drop down > Submit.
  • After submission of the page, admin received your details, then 24-48 hrs your account is activated and you will notify by email, message or phone.

Step 3 | Start Earning | Invest Your Surplus Time

  • This step is very important because you will get a notification from admin or user which will required the home care services .
  • You will received a notification for Accept or Deny, like the image, if you not received the notification but notification sound received then tap pending request. After accepting, pending request is empty. This user notification show user name, gender, profile picture and distance from your current location.
  • If you accept then profile of user is seen at footer of the app & job is allotted to you and you can call or chat to user for any query. Screen show below:-
  • You easily find the user location with the help of google map , suggested route is drawn with red mark.

Step 4 | Start-End Timer | Working Hour Calculated

  • When you reach the user location then start the button 2 times, timer will start and your working is calculated. Image show below:-
  • After finish your work End the button, bill is generated.

Step 5 | Billing | Payment

  • After finish your work bill is generated, app screen show bill.
  • After tap the hire amount, 2 options available for receiving amount , 1.Cash , 2. Online, If amount pay online the amount is received in admin account, if amount pay cash the amount is received at your hand.

Step 6 | Feedback

  • After finish your billing & payment process, feedback screen show, you share your experience with user and admin.
  • This screen show your working start & stop time, total time, bill amount, mode of payment and feedback rating and description.

Step 7 | Payment Settlement | Payout Management

  • Your total no of hiring show at your hires, which is shown as date wise and details of working hour, total amount and mode of payment received , transaction id, hired service id.
  • Second screen show earned amount it is the total amount which earned by you after completing your hiring. This amount is settled weekly and credit to your bank account.

Invest Your Surplus Time | Make Money | Earn Respect | Save Humanity | Secure Your Future


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