Paneer Masala | पनीर मसाला

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Paneer Masala – 4pc(App.100g)
Paneer Masala is prepared with fresh milk paneer with natural ingredients. No artificial color added, used only natural spices.
Recipe Servings: 2
Recipe Nature: 
Semigravy, generally take in lunch or dinner

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Paneer Masala
Paneer Masala is prepared with fresh milk paneer with natural ingredients. No artificial color added, used only natural spices.

Paneer Nutrition facts: Value per 100 g

Calories 310
Nutrient Amount % Daily value
Protein 20 g 40%
Carbs 2.5 g
Total Fat 24 g 36%
PUFA 1.1 g
MUFA 6 g
Phosphorus 24%
Selenium 37%
Vitamin B12 59%
Vitamin B2 29%
Calcium 69%

Health Benefits of Paneer

1.Boosts Muscle gain
Paneer is an excellent source of casein protein. Casein increases your muscle-building capacity with its unique slow absorption property. The prolonged absorption of amino acids also improves the repair and maintenance of your muscles. Having a portion of amazing Paneer after your intense resistance training is also beneficial for your fitness goals.
2.Promotes Weight loss
Studies have shown that the power-packed combination of calcium & protein in Paneer helps people to lose weight easily. Paneer is also equally capable of giving you feelings of fullness just like eggs.
With the beneficial effects of weight loss exercises, these feelings of fullness may help you reduce and maintain your weight fast with less eating.
3. Increased Bone strength
The power-packed combination of calcium, phosphorus, and protein present in Paneer is best to ensure the strength of your bones and teeth.
Paneer is well equipped to improve your overall musculoskeletal health. It helps you ensure that your muscles, joints, and bones work well together without pain.
It may also help you become confident to carry out strenuous activities like hiking or running with ease and without discomfort.
4.Controls Blood sugar levels
Paneer is good for diabetics as well as the pre-diabetic people with high blood sugar issues.
The power-packed combination of protein & magnesium provides insulin resistance and also helps to prevent abrupt hikes and declines of blood sugar levels.
Paneer helps to control blood sugar better when it is taken with a regular 30 minutes of physical activity.
The increased muscle movement improves the utilization of excess insulin produced by the pancreas to break down extra glucose present in the blood.
Insulin resistance is the condition when the muscles, fat, and liver cells are unable to respond well to insulin and glucose activity in blood.
Good for heart health
The MUFAs and PUFAs present in Paneer promote good heart health. The power-packed combination of oleic acid, omega-3, and conjugated linoleic acid prevents you from cardiovascular risks.
Good heart health is responsible for improved blood circulation throughout your body. A healthy blood and oxygen flow throughout the body boosts the overall efficiency of your vital body organs like the brain, lungs, and heart.
6. Increased Antioxidant activity
As an excellent source of selenium, Paneer promotes higher antioxidant activities in your blood. It boosts the antioxidants in the blood to neutralize the oxidative stress causing free radicals in your body.
Higher antioxidant activities are good for overall health benefits like slow aging, higher immunity, or good hair & skin health.
They may also help to reduce the risk of many chronic diseases, including brain diseases, heart diseases, and certain cancers.
7. Prevents Anaemia
As an excellent source of essential vitamin B12, Paneer helps the body to promote good red blood cells count and never lets one face Anaemia. An anemic body is prone to fatigue and weakness.
Effective red blood cells count is important for oxygen transport to your vital organs. Higher vitamin B12 levels in Paneer make you energetic and always prevent fatigue and weakness.