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Simple 12 ways to add fruits and vegetables to your diet

Vegetable & Fruits-iHomCare™

Taking plenty of fruits and vegetables in the diet is a symbol of good health. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables improves your:

  • Keep blood pressure under control.
  • Reach and maintain healthy cholesterol levels.
  • Keep your arteries flexible.
  • Protect your bones.
  • Keep the eyes, brain, digestive system, and other systems of the body healthy.

But many of us have facing problems to put that knowledge into practice and getting five or more servings of vegetable & fruits a day.

One reason that most people think fruits and vegetables are too expensive.That’s not necessarily so. You can buy three servings of seasonal fruits and four servings of seasonal vegetables for well under ₹50 a day.  Read More... “Simple 12 ways to add fruits and vegetables to your diet”