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साइटिका वाले पेशेंट लगभग 90% सर्जरी के बिना ठीक हो सकते हैं – सिर्फ कुछ ही हफ्तों में। आप घर पर अपने साइटिका इलाज शुरू कर सकते हैं। यदि आपका साइटिका चोट या गर्भावस्था के कारण हुआ है।
“About 90% of people with sciatica will get better without surgery—most of them in just a few weeks. You can start treating your sciatica at home. In fact, home remedy can be all you need, particularly in case you realize that your sciatica is caused by an harm or being pregnant.”

साइटिका क्या है ? | What is Sciatica

साइटिक नर्व नितंबों के नीचे से शुरू होकर पैरों के पिछले हिस्से से होते हुए एड़ियों पर खत्म होती है। इस नर्व ,यानी कि नाड़ी में जब सूजन या फिर दर्द होता है तो इसे ही साइटिका का दर्द कहा जाता है। यह अक्सर तेज दर्द के साथ शुरू होता है।
Sciatica refers to ache that radiates along the course of the sciatic nerve, which branches out of your lower back via your hips and buttocks and down each leg.  Read More... “साइटिका के घरेलु उपचार | Sciatica home remedies and self-care”

Hire|Best Personal Health Trainer|@Home

Why Need of Exercise?

Regular exercise and physical activity promotes strong muscles and bones. It improves respiratory, cardiovascular health, and overall health. Staying active can also help you maintain a healthy weight, reduce your risk for type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and reduce your risk for some cancers.

Physical exercise has positive effects on brain, especially as we age.

  • Exercise affects the brain on multiple fronts. It increases heart rate, which pumps more oxygen to the brain. It also aids the bodily release of a plethora of hormones, all of which participate in aiding and providing a nourishing environment for the growth of brain cells.
  Read More... “Hire|Best Personal Health Trainer|@Home”

Relieve from Back Pain | 6 Tips | 6 Different Treatment | 5 Care Management

Are you frustrated & suffering with the shooting pain in your back? Are you looking for some effective treatments and care tips to obtain some relief from back pain? If you nodded along with hope, worry no more. Read on to learn about all effective tips, treatments, and care techniques to follow for mitigating your back pain effectively.

6 Tips to follow alleviating Back Pain

1 | Maintain Good Posture

Poor or improper posture is one of the prominent causes of your back pain. So, you need to improve your posture. Make it a habit to stand up straight with your shoulders over the hips joints, ears over the shoulders, and hip joints coming over the ankles.  Read More... “Relieve from Back Pain | 6 Tips | 6 Different Treatment | 5 Care Management”

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